1. CEO Greetings


Thanks for your contacting with us

Our company was established at 15 th September 2010.

I only started with small amount finace.


I have only talent of language about english, japanese and chinese.

i have no experiance in world trade.

So started with C2C business, online shopping as like ebay.com , open market.


and change business style with B2B on base of alibaba.com.

That site gave me chance to world trade business.


Fortunetley i have chance to deal with korean cosmetic products.

More and more that business is growing up.

only 1 staff start , but now we have 4-5 staffs more,

and sale amount up to 200,000 usd - 300,000 usd more per every month.


We are more and more growing up.

With passion for world trade.


Thanks with deep hearts.


Seungwan Kim

the president of

Urim & thummim International Trade Company





2. CEO  Profile ; Mr. Seung-wan Kim

 - President of Urim & Thummim International Trade company

 - Representive main tutor of Top of Top mathematical institute.

 - The financial counselor  of Korea Life Insurance.

 - Internship at Agriculture, forest and Marine Standing Committee of National Assembly

 - Staff of Kim & Chang lawfirm ( patent part)

 - Graduate Food sceince and Technology in Korea University at Anam-Dong